Computational Aesthetics as a Negotiated Boundary

10 December 2008


Convenor: Alan Blackwell (Reader in Interdisciplinary Design, University of Cambridge)

One of the major divisions in digital arts research and practice is in the negotiation of creative agency, or aesthetic intention,between computers and human artists. In traditional artforms,there are well-established boundaries between the creative actsundertaken initially by makers of artistic tools and instruments,secondly by makers of specific artworks, then eventually by"makers" of the artistic experience (the creative interpretationof audience and critics). This small-group discussion workshopincludes international leaders in cognitive science, practicingartists (both digital artists and those using conventional media)and researchers in art and design.

Numbers are restricted to 16 participants, but a small number of places are still available. Note that discussion will be recorded and transcribed for subsequent research use.

9:30 - facilitated discussion, identifying research questions
2:00 - intensive exploration of two research questions
4:30 - close of discussion

Lunch will be provided. Please contact the organiser, before 5 December 2008.
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