International Science and Bioethics Collaborations Colloquium (ISBC)

9 January 2009 - 10 January 2009

CRASSH, Mill Lane

This is a closed event and there is no registration.  Those interested in attending should contact Monica Konrad at or Madeline Watt at


Co-conveners: Monica Konrad, Robert Simpson, Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner (Universities of Cambridge, Durham and Sussex).

This two day Colloquium funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and hosted by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities at Cambridge will explore some of the practical and conceptual implications of languages of 'collaboration' for international capacity building in the contemporary biosciences and bioethics. For further details click here


Fri 9 January 2009



Welcome Lunch at CRASSH


Cambridge Panel: Platforms for collaborative anthropology
Chair: Professor Marilyn Strathern

13.00-13.15  Introduction
Dr Monica Konrad

13.15-13.30 Knowledge and Power: The Ethics of International Health Collaborations 
Dr Adele Langlois 

13.30-13.45 The Politics of Global Funding and Sponsorship in the context of Collaborative Malaria Drug Discovery, Development and Delivery
Birgit  Buergi

13.45-13.55 Prof Michael Parker, University of Oxford
13.55-14.05 Dr Christine Hine, University of Surrey
14.05-14.15 Dr Ian Harper, University of Edinburgh

14.15-15.00 Discussion


Tea and Coffee Break


Durham Panel: Dynamics of Collaboration: Preliminary Reflections on Knowledge, Networks and Trust in International Biomedical Research in Sri Lanka
Chair: Professor Marilyn Strathern

15.30-15.45 Introduction - Collaboration and Duplexity
Dr Bob Simpson

15.45-16.00 Clinical Trials - Perspectives from the Field
Dr Salla Sariola

16.00-16.15 Expectation in Ethical Review
Rachel Douglas-Jones

16.15-16.25 Dr Hayley Macgregor, University of Sussex
16.25-16.35 Dr  Ayo Wahlberg, LSE
16.35-16.45 Prof Sophie Day, Goldsmiths, University of London

16.45-17.30    Discussion 


Pre-dinner drinks (CRASSH)
Dinner at local restaurant 

Sat 10 January 2009


Sussex Panel: World Risk Society and Stem Cell Research (SCR): Explorations of Bioethical Locations and Dislocations in East Asian contexts
Chair: Professor Marilyn Strathern

9.30-9.45 World Risk Society and Stem Cell Research (SCR): explorations of bioethical locations and dislocations in East Asian contexts
Dr Margaret Sleeboom-Faulkner 

09.45-10.00 Culture at risk? Stem cell research and bioethics in South Korea from a perspective of reflexive learning
Dr Se-Young Hwang  

10.00-10.15 Risk trajectories of early embryonic life as paradox and social drama
Achim Rosemann   

10.15-10.25 Prasanna Kumar Patra, IIAS 
10.25-10.35 Dr Christine Hauskeller, University of Exeter

10.45-11.30 Discussion 




Lunch at CRASSH