Representing Climate Change: Ecology, Media and the Arts

15 October 2008 - 17 October 2008

Clare Hall and CRASSH

Deadline for registration: Friday 10 October 2008

Programme and Registration

Please click on the links on the right hand side of the page to see the provisional programme and to book online.  The standard fee is £30 and the reduced fee for students is £20.  The exhibition and panel discussion at Clare Hall on Wednesday 15 October is free and open to everyone.  No registration is necessary.

Benjamin Morris
Bradon Smith

This conference, organised by The Cultures of Climate Change at CRASSH, will  feature cutting-edge research into the links between the arts, humanities and climate change research, with a specific emphasis on the politics of representation and visuality. The conference will be accompanied by a landmark photography exhibition of noted photographers whose work addresses climate change, about which more information will be posted shortly.


This conference was organised with support from the University of Cambridge Festival of Ideas, 4CMR ,  CRASSH and the Ashden Trust. 


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Representing Climate Change:Ecology, Media and the Arts Provisional Programme

Location : Clare Hall and CRASSH                       Date : 15-17 October 2008

Wednesday 15 October

Main Site, Clare Hall



Main Site, Clare Hall, Herschel Road 

Photography Exhibition View


Richard Eden Room, West Court, Clare Hall 

Photography Exhibition Panel Discussion

Emma Dummett (University of Edinburgh)
Chris Steele-Perkins (Magnum Photos)
Diana Korchien (Flipside Vision)


Thursday 16 October



Registration and Coffee


Welcome and Introduction
Benjamin Morris and Bradon Smith


Session 1: Arctic Visions
Moderator: Melanie Challenger (UCL)

The ‘poster boys’ of climate change: examining the role of polar bears as climate icons
Saffron O’Neill (Tyndall Centre/UEA)

Imagining Zero: Art, Science, and Climate
Jennifer Gabrys and Kathryn Yusoff (Weather Permitting)

Sea Ice Mapping: Ontology, Mechanics, and Human Rights at the Ice Floe Edge
Michael Bravo (University of Cambridge)




Session 2:Artistic Visions
Moderator: Ruth Abbott (University of Cambridge) 

Bridging Data and Experience: Colures and Complications
Jill Coffin (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Gabriela Semeco (Delft University of Technology)

Landscape Painting
Katherine Cooper (University of Cambridge) 

Powerhouse: A Case of Visual Ecopoetics?
Bettina Furnee (Artist in Residence, Kettle’s Yard,

Being Provisional
Renata Tyszczuk (University of Sheffield)






Session 3: Ecopoetics
Moderator: Benjamin Morris (University of Cambridge)

The Cow of Dogtown & the Biocentric Imagination
Michael Hrebeniak (University of Cambridge)

"The Web of  our Noticing": Forms of Attention in Contemporary Nature Poetry
Abbie Garrington (University of Edinburgh)



Short Break 


Session 3: Ecopoetics (Continued)

Tailor, Tinkerer, Scientist, Poet
Caspar Henderson (Journalist)

Plenary Discussion


Wine Reception 


Friday 17 October



9.30 - 11.00

Session 4: Who Knows What
Moderator:Tom Bailey (University of Cambridge)

Life Beyond Collapse: The Art of Futures-Making
David Haley (Manchester Metropolitan University)

The Calendar of Climate Change: Deep Ecology and a New Vision
Diana Korchien (Flipside Vision)

Designing a Visual Climate for Change
Louise Moana Kolff (University of New South Wales)


Tea/coffee break


Session 5: Representations, Then and Now
Moderator: David Wrathall (King's College, London)

From Michael Jordan to Melting Glaciers: The Role of Digital Technologies in Imaging Climate Change
Dornith Doherty (University of North Texas)

Interdependence Day: Acknowledging the Political and Cultural Work that Results from 'knowing about climate change'
oe Smith (University of Cambridge)

Documenting Sustainable and Unsustainable Development in Rajasthan and Jharkhand
Jennifer Wallace (University of Cambridge)
Robert Wallis (Panos Pictures) 

1.00 - 2.00



Session 6: Anglo/American Dialogues on Arts and Ecology

Edward Morris (The Canary Project & Harvard University)
Michaela Crimmin (RSA Arts and Ecology)


Tea/coffee break 


Keynote Dialogue
Moderator:Terry Barker (University of Cambridge/4CMR)

Oliver Tickell (, architect of Kyoto 2)


Thanks, Acknowledgements, and Close