Book Launch: Regimes of Comparatism

28 May 2019, 18:00 - 20:00

Atrium, Alison Richard Building, Sidgwick Site

We are celebrating the launch of Regimes of Comparatism: Frameworks of Comparison in History, Religion and Anthropology (ed. R. Gagné, S. Goldhill, G E R Lloyd). All welcome but please do register your attendance by clicking here or on the registration link on this page.

Historically, all societies have used comparison to analyze cultural difference through the interaction of religion, power, and translation. When comparison is a self-reflective practice, it can be seen as a form of comparatism. Many scholars are concerned in one way or another with the practice and methods of comparison, and the need for a cognitively robust relativism is an integral part of a mature historical self-placement. This volume looks at how different theories and practices of writing and interpretation have developed at different times in different cultures and reconsiders the specificities of modern comparative approaches within a variety of comparative moments. The idea is to reconsider the specificities, the obstacles, and the possibilities of modern comparative approaches in history and anthropology through a variety of earlier and parallel comparative horizons. Particular attention is given to the exceptional role of Athens and Jerusalem in shaping the Western understanding of cultural difference.