Decolonising the Disciplines

1 March 2017, 12:00 - 14:00

Seminar room SG1, Alison Richard Building

Research Seminar & Discussion

Dr Meera Sabaratnam (International Relations, SOAS)
Dr Ipek Demir (Sociology, University of Leicester)
Dr Adam Branch (POLIS)

Dr Meera Sabaratnam
Decolonising International Relations: Ontologies, Epistemologies and the Trump Travel Ban Crisis

This talk examines the recent acceleration in efforts to 'decolonise' the study of IR at a theoretical and methodological level, the constraint of race taboos within this process and the opportunity for structural re-alignment in thinking posed by the intensification of racism in the West.

Dr Ipek Demir
Global Sociology and Decoloniality

Global Sociology has been proposed as a way to move sociology from a Eurocentric perspective to one which is global and adequate for our times. It is argued that global sociology can bring ‘other’ perspectives, ‘other’ modernities, and ‘other’ marginalized thinkers into the domain of sociology and thus prepare sociology for a new global order. My paper will critically examine the dominant approaches within Global Sociology, including cosmopolitanism, and assess the extent to which they have the potential to decolonise sociology



Open to all. No registration required.
Part of the Decolonising the Curriculum in Theory and Practice Research Group seminar series

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