One-sex, two-sex, them and us? Changing sex and challenging “Making Sex”

27 January 2014, 17:15 - 18:30

Fac of Classics G.21 (Sidgwick Site) - Evening

Professor Helen King (Professor of Classical Studies, Open University)


In this paper I will discuss the various challenges that have been made to Thomas Laqueur's model of a shift from a 'one-sex' to a 'two-sex' model of the body in the eighteenth century. I will consider the attractions - especially to those in literature and related disciplines - and the dangers of any such model, and the ways in which different academic disciplines have received this particular one. To illustrate my argument, I will focus on the different understandings of sex change across western history.


A joint event, hosted by CIRF, Generation to Reproduction and the Classics Faculty (C caucus).


Open to all. No registration required.

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