Research Incubator Series: Developmental Workshop 2 - Bodies of Exception

15 March 2013, 12:00 - 14:00

CRASSH, Alison Richard Building, S3 (Third Floor)

RISe Developmental Workshop 2: Bodies of Exception

This is a follow-up session from the Bodies Thematic Workshop (30.01.13), though participation is open to all. It will explore further some of the themes discussed in the first Bodies workshop, and will introduce new inter-disciplinary connections.

The theme of this workshop will be Bodies of Exception, as it relates to issues such as degradation, marginality, abnormality etc. We are pleased to welcome as our discussant Dr. Piers Mitchell from the Division of Biological Anthropology, who deals with bodies of various sorts, be it archaeological skeletons, the historical context of the body in medieval texts and modern ones at the hospital – and let us not forget how topical Richard III’s body is at the moment.

Come to discuss ideas about Bodies and embryonic proposal ideas. Participants will be able to invite other collaborators, outside those of the thematic workshops.

Check the RISe discussion board for statements of interest and any uploaded documents relevant to Bodies.

The session is free and open to all members of the University. To book your place online please click on the link at the right hand side of the page. Lunch will be provided.


Details about the Research Incubator Series (RISe)

Run by the Postdoctoral Researcher Forum at CRASSH, the Research Incubator Series (RISe) is a new initiative to promote innovative research collaborations and interdisciplinary project development among postdocs in the arts, humanities and social sciences. During Lent 2013 CRASSH will host thematic and developmental workshops and follow-up meetings to provide a dedicated setting to inspire networking and discussion, and will deliver start-up support for the most promising ideas that emerge. Each workshop will be centred round one broad theme and will consist of small group discussions.

For full details of the scheme, including the follow-up developmental workshops, please click here.

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