Non-academic careers: Plan B

21 November 2012, 09:00 - 12:00

Peterhouse, Upper Hall

A CRASSH Postdoctoral Researcher Forum seminar jointly organised with the Careers Service

This session is for any research staff and postdocs who are wondering if academia is for them, what else there might be, what they might be suited to and eligible for, how viable their plans are, and where to start – whether just beginning to find out, or fairly sure of a change of a direction

The session consists largely of small-group discussion with peers, plus individual exercises and plenary discussion. It aims to help you sharpen your own sense of what you want and how to pursue it: how to recognise your preferred environment, working relationships, & skills; define your priorities; find opportunities to suit you. Plus handouts of useful resources.

There is some preparation work involved (taking about an hour). Please register online for this seminar via the Careers Service website.