Like Juggling on a Rollercoaster? Gains, Loss and Uncertainties in IVF Patients’ Accounts of Volunteering for a UK ‘Egg Sharing for Research’ Scheme

11 February 2013, 17:00 - 18:30

Seminar room, Dept of Sociology, Free School Lane

Evening Session

Erica Haimes (Professorial Fellow in PEALS (Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences) Research Centre, Newcastle University)



The past decade has seen a growth in demand for human eggs for stem cell related research and, more recently, for mitochondrial research. That demand has been accompanied by global debates over whether women should be encouraged, by offers of payments, in cash or kind, to provide eggs. Few of these debates have been informed by empirical evidence, let alone by the views of women themselves. The research reported in this presentation addresses that gap in knowledge. I shall outline key findings from a UK investigation which is the first systematic study of women volunteering to provide eggs under such circumstances. I shall focus on the views and experiences of 25 IVF patients who volunteered for the Newcastle ‘egg sharing for research’ scheme (NESR), in which they could access cheaper IVF treatment if they provided eggs for somatic cell nuclear transfer research.



Open to all.  No registration required

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