Adam Smith in Beijing (Giovanni Arrighi)

7 March 2012, 12:15 - 14:15

Alison Richard Building, Mtg room 204, 2nd floor (CLAS)*

The readings will be introduced and discussed by Joe Studwell (PhD Candidate in Cambridge)
and the author of  Asian Godfathers (2007, about developmental failure in south-east Asia) and The China Dream (2003, about the 1990s foreign investment gold rush in China).



Chapter 10. The Challenge of "Peaceful Ascent"

Chapter 11. States, Markets, and Capitalism, East and West 

Chapter 12. Origins and Dynamic of the Chinese Ascent


NB: The group will meet in a different room today* (2nd Floor, room 204, Latinamerica Studies area)

Open to all.  No registration required.

Part of the Market Square-The Polity, Economy and Society Cambridge Research Group series.
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