Getting Out: Exit Strategies and Transitions

4 March 2011, 13:00 - 17:30


‘Getting Out’ is the last workshop of the ‘In the Wake of War’ series run by the Cambridge PCPC Group with the support of CRASSH. This workshop will be run jointly with the Centre of Governance and Human Rights, and will consider the issue of ending or transforming international intervention in end-of-conflict situations, addressing key questions such as:


When and how should the international community withdraw from a post-conflict situation? When does a situation stop being post-conflict? What exit strategies have been the most successful in different types of situation? How can the changeover between emergency interventions and long term development assistance be made?


Following the workshop, a short briefing paper will be drafted, outlining the discussions. It will include: the essential frames of reference, the key issues and questions, lessons learned, and any recommendations put forward.

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The event is free and open to everyone.

Provisional Programme

Location: CRASSH

Date : Friday 4 March 2011

Friday 4 March



Welcome and Introduction


Exit Strategies and State Building
Richard Caplan (Director, Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford)

Legal Perspectives: Putting Justice where it Belongs
Dan Saxon (Senior Prosecutor, ICTY and Visiting Professor Lauterpacht Centre)

In the Wake of Exits
Andy Carl (Director, Conciliation Resources) 


Tea/coffee break


What Happens when the Fighting Stops- A Military Perspective
Justin Holt (Lieutenant Colonel, Royal Marines)

When the Exit is not the End
Milos Stankovic (Braveheart Programme)


Discussion with all participants