Health and Welfare Research Group

14 October 2009, 12:00 - 14:00

CRASSH 17 Mill Lane

Medicine and Imperialism: Diseases, Armies, Natives

To access the Readings please contact Dr R Barnett


- Michael Worboys,  Colonial and Imperial Medicine,  in Deborah Brunton (ed.),
  Medicine  Transformed:  Health,  Disease and  Society in  Europe,  1800 - 1930 
  (Manchester University Press & Open University, 2004),  pp. 211-38.
- Andrew Cunningham and  Bridie Andrews (eds.), Western Medicine as Contested 
  Knowledge  (Manchester University Press, 1997),  introduction, pp. 1-23.
- Megan Vaughan, Curing Their Ills: Colonial Power and African Illness (Polity Press,  
  1991),  chapter 5,  ‘The Madman and the Medicine Man:  Colonial Psychiatry and the 
  Theory of Deculturation’, pp. 100-28.
- Michael Worboys, Germs,  Malaria and the Invention of Mansonian Tropical Medicine: 
  From  “Diseases in the Tropics”  to “Tropical Diseases”, in  David  Arnold (ed.),  Warm 
  Climates  and  Western  Medicine:  The  Emergence of Tropical  Medicine,  1500 - 1900 
  (Rodopi, 1996).




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