Digital Humanities and Academic Change

18 September 2008, 17:00 - 19:00


Taking as his starting point a series of digital projects created with colleagues at his department in California, Professor Liu shows how the digital humanities facilitate the reshaping of humanities  departments, research and teaching in conjunction with other disciplines (all in the service of  'global  humanism').  The talk scales between the micro-concrete to the global-theoretical.  Some of the projects and courses that Professor Liu will discuss include:
* The Voice of the Shuttle
* Transliteracies Project on Online Reading
* Transcriptions Project
* Early Modern Center and EBBA (English Broadside Ballads Archive)
 * The Agrippa Files
* Second Life Instructional Project
* Literature+ courses
* Toy Chest (Online or Downloadable Tools for Building Projects)

This event is free and open to all. 

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Alan Liu is delivering a keynote lecture entitled Peopling the Police: A Social Computing Approach to Information Authority in the Age of Web 2.0,  at the Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts Conference, taking place in Cambridge from 14-17 September 2008.  For further information, see