On Auditory Culture

31 January 2008, 13:30 - 15:00


Tom Rice and Professor Georgina Born (University of Cambridge

This event is part of the Intermedia Research Group Seminar Series


The intermedia research group is for graduate students who study the interactions between different mediums of artistic and cultural expression. This is a forum for people from different faculties in the humanities who have an interest in the interface between word, image, sound, and performance to read, discuss and workshop intermedia research.

Meetings are held on alternate Thursdays during term-time, 1.30pm-3.00pm at CRASSH. 


All welcome.  No registration required.




Intermedia Research Group Seminars

 Programme 07/08

For 2007-2008 the intermedia research group developed the theme of intermediality in three conceptual locations. In Michaelmas, we focused on interrelations between visual mediums, considering to what extent we can think of 'visual culture' as a discreet field of aesthetic inquiry. In Lent, we posed similar questions of aural mediums, discussing why 'sonic culture' has not (yet?) emerged as an area of interdisciplinary inquiry. These two strands converged in Easter term when we devoted our attention to 'engaged spectatorship' in performance and film.



15 October 

Why Visual Culture Studies is not WD 40: Questions of History, Theory and Practice
Dr Marquard Smith (Kingston University and Editor Journal of Visual Culture

1 November 


2 November 

Tales of 20th Century Art: Disciplinary Change in Modernist Studies
Professor Hal Foster (Princeton University)

Hal Foster in discussion with Alyce Mahon (University of Cambridge) 

15 November 

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?  New Approaches to Writing about the Visual Arts
Reading Group.  Selected passages from Mieke Bal and T J Clark 

29 November 

Postmodernism and the Avant-Garde

Reading Group.  Selected passages from Thomas Crow, Fredric Jameson and Alyce Mahon.  Chaired by Dr Alyce Mahon (History of Art, University of Cambridge) 



31 January

On Auditory Culture
Tom Rice and Professor Georgina Born (University of Cambridge) 

5 February 

Screen Storytelling for the 21st Century Cinema Movies TV and Game Fictions Maureen Thomas (Senior Research Fellow, Churchill College, University of Cambridge)

14 February

Slave Sound
Tim Armstrong (Royal Holloway)

In Slave Sound Tim Armstrong discusses the persistent linkage between slavery and the culture of sonic reproduction: the idea that the sound of slavery (and particularly the sound of its pain) might echo around the world; that it is collected in specific implements; that it is present as a particular echo in the Spirituals and Blues; in particular performers; and that it is released in various texts written on the borders of slave memory: Jean Toomer's Cane; the WPA slave narratives. This observation leads to further reflections on the master-slave relationship as it is implicated in sonic reproduction.

13 March

Musical Thinking
Reading Group
Dr Simon Jarvis (University of Cambridge)

Simon Jarvis will lead a discussion of his recent article Musical Thinking: Hegel and the Phenomenology of Prosody (Paragraph 28, 2005). To complement this piece, we will also read Theador Adorno's Music and Language: a fragment from Quasi una Fantasia (Verso, 1992).



8 May Difficulty: On Limits Critical and Otherwise
Dr Jennifer Doyle (University of California at Riverside)
22 May Aspects of Intermediality and Spectatorship in the Modernist Event
Professor Christopher Townsend (Royal Holloway, University of London)
29 May Still Living: Theatricality, Photograph, and Reenactment
Dr Rebecca Schneider (Brown University)
12 June Working with Medical Archives: disgust, shame and the ethics of spectatorship
Dr Suzannah Biernoff (Birkbeck College, University of London)