Photos: CRASSH Summer Party 2017

It was a gorgeous evening, and we are grateful to King’s College, Cambridge for playing host. 

On the 4th of July, members of the CRASSH community gathered by the river at Bodley's Court, King’s College for the annual Summer Party. We've included a selection of photographs from the event for our researchers who were away on fieldwork or at conferences – you were missed!  

Tim Lewens, Catherine Hurley and Simon Goldhill

Professor Goldhill is the Director of CRASSH, Professor in Greek Literature and Culture and Fellow of King's College, Cambridge. Professor Lewens is the Deputy Director of CRASSH, Professor of Philosophy of Science and Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge. Ms Hurley is the Administrator of CRASSH and manages all aspects of the Centre's administration, with an overview of all the Centre's programmes and activities.

Tim Lewens, Catherine Hurley and Simon Goldhill 

Grace 2 Professor of English Steven Connor (CRASSH Management Committee) in conversation with Technology and Democracy Research Associate Daniel Wilson

Steven Connor

Melissa Calaresu (CRASSH Management Committee and Neil McKendrick Lecturer in History) and the CRASSH/Clare Hall/Eurias Fellow 2016-17, Daniel Jütte 

Conspiracy and Democracy Researcher Andrew McKenzie-McHarg, Concept Lab Research Associate Paul Nulty and CRASSH Conference and Events Manager Oliver Wright

Ruth Jackson, Simon Ravenscroft, Cecilia Vinesse, Alexander Kolassa, Oliver Wright, Catherine Hurley and Rachel E. Holmes

Dr Jackson was a research associate on the recently completed ERC-funded CRASSH project, The Bible and Antiquity in Nineteenth-Century Culture. Dr Ravenscroft is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Von Hügel Institute, St Edmunds College, Cambridge. Ms Vinesse is a Young Adult author ( Dr Kolassa is the Project Administrator for the Leverhulme-funded project, Conspiracy and Democracy. Dr Holmes is a postdoctoral researcher on Crossroads of Knowledge in Early Modern England at CRASSH/The Faculty of English.

Samantha Peel and Christos Lynteris from Visual Representations of the Third Plague Pandemic

Dr Lynteris is the Principal Investigator of this ERC-funded 5-year CRASSH project; and Ms Peel, its Project Administrator.

Gaenor Moore, Esther Lamb, Christos Lynteris and Jens Steffensen

Mrs Moore is the Project Administrator for the ERC-funded CRASSH projects, Crossroads of Knowledge in Early Modern England and Genius Before Romanticism. Ms Lamb is Manager of both Human Resources and the CRASSH Research Groups.

Lisa Saltzman, Catherine Conybeare and Theodor Dunkelgrün

Professor Saltzman is Chair and Professor of History of Art and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Chair in the Humanities and Interim Director of the Center for Visual Culture, Bryn Mawr College. Professor Conybeare is Chair and Professor of Greek, Latin and Classical Studies, Bryn Mawr College. Dr Dunkelgrün is Senior Research Associate and Academic Co-Ordinator of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Project Religious Diversity and University Responses at CRASSH.

Genius Before Romanticism Researcher Richard Oosterhoff and Theodor Dunkelgrün 

Limits of the Numerical Research Associate Gabriele Badano, Conspiracy and Democracy Researcher Alfred Moore and Sami Everett

Dr Everett will be joining Religious Diversity and University Responses in October.

Hail, CSER! Simon Beard (Research Associate), Jens Steffensen (Research Project Administrator), Haydn Belfield (Academic Project Manager), Julius Weitzdörfer (Research Associate), Andrew Ware (Intern) and Lalitha Sundaram (Research Associate) from the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

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Posted: Friday 7 July 2017

Contributor: CRASSH News

Photos: CRASSH Summer Party 2017