One Year Postdoctoral Fellowship at CRASSH and the British School at Rome 2019-20

Fellowship Opportunity for holders of Cambridge PhD

Deadline: 12.00pm GMT on Monday 3 December 2018.

Applications are invited for a One-Year Post-Doctoral Fellowship, to be held for six months each at CRASSH in Cambridge and at the British School at Rome (BSR).  The Fellowship is jointly funded by the Isaac Newton Trust and the British School at Rome; and formally supported by the Faculties of Classics and History, the Department of Italian and the Cambridge Italian Research Network, and the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.  It is specifically intended for the benefit of holders of a Cambridge PhD.

The Fellowship is designed to enable early-career Cambridge post-doctoral scholars to spend a year pursuing research in the several fields promoted by the BSR, covering Roman and Italian Studies from pre-history to the modern day. These fields include Classics, History, Italian Literature, Language and Culture, Archaeology, the History of Art, Museology, and Heritage. (This list is not necessarily exclusive, but the research proposed must be within Roman and Italian Studies.) The six-month residential stay at the BSR will provide the opportunity for an extended period of research in Rome, at its sites and/or in its archives, libraries (including the Library in the BSR) and museums, and elsewhere in Italy, while the six months at CRASSH will enable the holder to prepare for research in Rome, and to disseminate and discuss its findings.  The Fellowship thus offers an ideal opportunity for an early-career Cambridge scholar who has recently obtained the PhD to launch a new research project while applying for longer-term research fellowships and teaching positions. In the two years since its launch, the Fellowship has been awarded to a scholar of medieval Italian literature and culture for a project on the use of tears in thirteenth and fourteenth-century Italian poetry, and to a Classicist, for a philological project on the language and content of what it means to be Roman.

At CRASSH the Fellow will be a member of the CRASSH research community, and will be expected to participate in its activities, including the weekly Fellows' work in progress seminars,  as well as pursue the Fellow’s individual research project during the period of residence in Cambridge. The Fellow will also be expected to attend and participate in relevant seminars and other activities in the Faculty or Department of the University to which the Fellow is affiliated.  At the British School at Rome the Fellow will be a member of the residential community, and will be expected to participate in its programme of lectures and seminars during the period of residence while also fulfilling the research set out in the application.  The Fellow will be expected to give a lecture on the research while at the BSR; on return, towards the end of the Fellowship or shortly afterwards, the Fellow will be expected to give a public lecture in Cambridge under the auspices of CRASSH, and to submit it for publication, either in the Papers of the British School at Rome, or in another appropriate academic journal.

The tenure of the Fellowship will run from 1 September 2019 to 31 August 2020. The expectation is that the holder will spend the four months from September to December 2019 at CRASSH in Cambridge, six months from January to June 2020 at the BSR in Rome, and the final two months, July and August 2020, in Cambridge.

Eligibility:  applicants must have been awarded the PhD by Cambridge University in the period since 1 September 2017 or have submitted their dissertation for examination by the University for the PhD by 1 September 2019.  If the PhD has not yet been awarded, submission (not examination) by 1 September 2019 is essential to be able to take up the award.

Terms:  the salary of the Post-Doctoral Fellow will be at Grade 7 Scale Point 041 of the University Scale, currently £32,236 per annum. Salary for the full twelve months will be paid by the University of Cambridge; the fellow will be responsible for costs incurred during the six-month period in Rome as set out below. The holder will be expected to arrange accommodation for her or himself in Cambridge; CRASSH may be able to assist in obtaining a college affiliation if the holder does not have one already.  While in Rome, the holder will be required to live at the BSR, and will receive accommodation and meals, the cost of which (currently £12,498) will be the responsibility of the Fellow, who will pay BSR in monthly instalments. (Please note that a partner may be accommodated for short periods by prior agreement but must pay for board and lodging at the BSR’s prevailing rates. Children cannot be accommodated.) In addition, the Fellow will be able to claim up to £1,000 to cover travel and research expenses, including travel to and from Rome.  There will be funding of £2,000 to cover a small colloquium to coincide with the holder’s public lecture in Cambridge.  Additional funding for research and/or the colloquium may also be available from the Faculty or Department to which the applicant is affiliated, or, in the case of an archaeologist, the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.  

How to Apply
The deadline for applications is 12.00pm on  Monday 3 December 2018.  No paper or emailed applications can be accepted. In order for your application to be considered by the Selection Committee, we must receive a completed application via the online application system, including letters of support from your two nominated referees by the deadline.

You can register or log in to your application on the right hand side of the page.  Please contact us via email on fellowships@CRASSH.cam.ac.uk if you experience technical difficulties with the system or if you require further information about eligibility or provision.

The following information will be required:

  • a CV to be uploaded as a PDF file (maximum 8Mb);
  • a brief description of the project you propose (see above for the scope of eligible research). Type your description directly into the box indicated, remembering to Save after each addition/amendment. The system will not allow you to exceed the 10,000 character limit.
  • a sample chapter of written work (maximum 10,000 words) to be uploaded as a PDF file (maximum 8Mb).
  • the contact details of two referees who are familiar with your work. We advise that you separately alert your nominated referees of your application and the deadline of xxxx.  Referees are given access to your application via an email containing a link that is triggered by your clicking the Send Email button. Once you've ticked the Send Email button, the system will contact your nominated referee, who must submit their reference via this system by the deadline.  The system will indicate when your references have been submitted. (Applicants are unable to view confidential references.) You may amend your nominated referees up to the point of their submitting a confidential reference. Once your referee submits their confidential comments you will no longer be able to change their details.
  • To submit your completed application, click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page.  You can submit at any time up until the deadline, provided all fields (excluding referees' comments) have been completed.  You can still log in to view and amend your application after submission.

Please note that uploaded documents MUST be PDF files, maximum file size 8Mb.  The system will not allow you to submit your application without these.

Interviews of selected applicants will be held in January 2019.

Further information can be found on the CRASSH and the British School in Rome websites.




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